Riding in Mallorca

You’ll easily clock up 500 miles while on our training camp in Mallorca.

On days we’ll be tackling the major mountains of Mallorca. Other days will be flat group riding.  No mater what the itinerary is, you’re guaranteed maximum gains out of each ride coupled with expert ride leaders guiding you through best routes around the island.

OTE training camp cycling in Mallorca


The OTE training camp is an opportunity to get fit for the racing season, get miles in the legs on the lead up to a sportive or endurance event,  or simply catch some sun and enjoy the social side of our training camp in Mallorca.

Whatever your goals, our different riding groups give every rider the best possible satisfaction from their training camp.

These structured training rides offer plenty of opportunities to take a turn on the front, smash a climb at your own pace or hit the run in through-and-off style. Alternatively, riders are free to sit in the wheels, tap up the mountains steady-away and move up and down the groups depending on how the legs are feeling. Pick and choose your moments – then relish in the kudos.


Our group rides offer structured training for three different ability groups. Through group rides, our camp is a great opportunity for friends or couples of mixed ability to enjoy a cycling holiday in Mallorca together.  

The smooth tarmac makes the miles tick by and the number of legs working in the groups allows you to roll along at a considerable pace.

Group 3: This group will also cover 60-80 miles but at a more relaxed pace. However, you should be comfortable riding in a group at 15-16mph. Group 3 is ideal for progressive cyclists looking to increase their fitness and endurance while improving their group riding skills. 

Group 2a & 2b: This group is for riders capable of riding in a group at 17-18mph. Group 2 will also cover 80-100 miles but will tackle the climbs a notch steadier and sharpen up their group riding at pace.  

Group 1: This group is for cyclists capable of riding in a group at 19-20+mph and comfortable riding in a group at fast pace. Group 1 will covering 80-100 miles each day. 



One long ride at home sees the DOMS set in for days and work gets in the way of recover. Our training camp is designed to allow you to ride for around 80-100 miles day after day. Our camp prioritises recovery for the following day. We relax around one of the hotel pools, enjoy a massage in the spa, stretch in the fitness rooms then all enjoy a hearty dinner in the excellent hotel restaurant.



Breakfast is usually the highlight of the day – where we all come together at our reserved OTE tables to fuel for the day ahead. We then meet at 9:30am ready to ride. Lunch stops come mid-ride where all the groups come together to share banter over boccadillas and fill up their water bottles ready for the second part of the ride.

Following a long day of riding there will be a few hours to relax, get a massage, catch an afternoon nap or find a watering hole. We then all navigate to the hotel dining hall – as soon as we can smell food! Some then relax around the bar while others hit the hay in preparation for another day on the bike.

Cafe Stops

The groups tend to meet at the same location for lunch, where we will refill your bottles and enjoy lunch in one of the cafes in Mallorca’s villages. Here riders can move up or down the groups if you are finding it too hard or easy in your group or if you wish to ride with friends or a partner in a different group.


Ride Leaders & Support Staff

Our team of expert ride leaders know Mallorca like the back of their hands, with 15+ years of experience. There’s no need for maps or GPS, just tools and spares to repair a puncture.

All groups will be supported by a Ride Support Rider who will ride in the group to provide support and advice and be an additional pair of eyes for the Ride Leader.

The Ride Leaders and Ride Support Riders will direct and control the groups out on the road to ensure everyone enjoys a seamless day on the bike.

Insurance and Safety

All riders must have personal travel insurance. You may also want to insure your bike during travel. Contact us for an exclusive discount with our partner Pedal Cover.

Safety is of paramount importance during the training camp. You must fill in the contact card provided and carry this at all times.