Paul Gott: Sun and Fun Seeker

Paul joined the OTE Training Camp without any agenda. Forget racing, sportives or epic events, Paul’s goal was simple to have a great cycling holiday. Here’s why Paul loved the training camp in Mallorca and has booked for 2019…

Paul Gott on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca

Stressless Cycling

“I joined the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca last year because I wanted a week away from the normal everyday stresses where I could enjoy riding my bike, improve my fitness and relax. I don’t often ride in a group, so the training camp was also a fantastic opportunity to join up with like-minded riders.”

Hassle-free Holiday

“What I love about the OTE Training Camp is the ability to ride for a week in a fabulous place, without having to worry. The camp is so well organised and relaxed that I can just jump on my bike and head out, safe in the knowledge I will have a great ride, a café stop and some banter on the way. 

This isn’t to say it doesn’t increase your fitness levels; it just happens in an enjoyable environment where I can push myself with encouragement from others.”

Paul Gott on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca

Fitness Gains

“My goal for the camp was to enjoy the week, generally improve my fitness and have fun in the mountains. This was definitely achieved. 

“A solid block of training early in the year on the training camp set me up for more cycling trips away, sportives and climbing in the Alps. In the months following the camp I noticed a significant improvement in my riding speed, with the ability to push myself harder for longer. 

Expert Ride Leaders

“I rode in group two for the week. Our Ride Leader Andy was excellent. He made sure we pushed ourselves, and he handed out plenty of tips along the way.” 

Paul Gott on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca

No Agenda Necessary 

“I am not a racer but this didn’t matter on the camp; riders of different abilities can have a fantastic holiday alongside those who have more serious agendas.”

Why Book?

“It is a fantastic week of riding. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I am attending again in 2019.”

The 2019 OTE Training Camp takes place on 22nd-29th March. Find out more about the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca and  book your place.