Richard Sharp: Star Tester’s Top Season 

Sick of riding solo, accomplished time trialist Richard Sharp attends the OTE Training Camp looking to socialise as much as to gain speed. But while enjoying cafe stops and competitive banter Richard was also setting himself up for his best race season yet.
OTE Training Camp in Mallora
Richard enjoying the social side of the camp with Group One on the OTE Training Camp

Top Banter

“The very positive side effect of the OTE Training Camp is making some great friends. As a time trialist, most of my training is done solo. I wanted to ride with some other people and I heard good things about the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca from folk that attended the year before. Speaking with my coach it seemed like an ideal opportunity to get some good miles in the legs.”

“The people – and their banter – where the highlight to the camp. Despite it being some people’s second year on the OTE Training Camp I never felt left out. The variety of rides were also up their on my list of highlights.” 

Star Season

“The OTE Training Camp in Mallorca gave me a good uplift in base fitness. I was able to ride longer more easily. Thanks to the competitive banter in Group One on the climbs I also saw an uplift in top-end fitness. 

“The camp set me up for my best season of time trialling ever; multiple wins and podiums. I have finally managed to ride sub 19 mins for a 10 mile time trial, which I have been chasing for the last couple of years. I’ve now got a good opportunity to better my 25 mile PB, given what I have achieved so far. I am also likely to go on to win the Yorkshire Sporting Course Trophy for 2018.”

Tester on Tour

“The OTE Training Camp also gave me confidence for the Etape du Tour. I rarely ride 100 miles in training and rarely do lots of climbing, so this was perfect to show that I could get round the event. I did 105 miles and 4000m of climbing in just under 7hrs! It made for a tough day on the bike, but I had the confidence from the Training Camp in Mallorca to know I could do the distance with those climbing metres.” 

Why Book?

“Why wouldn’t you? For riders of a wide variety of skill and fitness, this is a great opportunity to ride with like-minded and friendly people.  The rides are well tailored and the groups work well together. You will have a week of great rides, great food, great company and a lot of café con leche.”

“The OTE Training Camp in Mallorca was a great experience all round. I am planning on returning in 2019 and hoping to bring my wife along as well!”

The 2019 OTE Training Camp takes place on 22nd-29th March. Find out more about the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca and  book your place.