Matt Watts: Preparing for Flanders

With his goal set on a classic, Matt uses the OTE Training Camp to build strength and stamina to charge over the cobbles. 
Matt Watts on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca
Matt descending Sa Calobra on the the OTE Training Camp


“Without doubt the cobbles were the hardest part of Flanders. The first time I hit them after just over 100km of riding was a shock, but I embraced them. After all, that is the idea of the Tour of Flanders.”

“Kwaremont was by far the toughest cobbled climb; it just seemed to never end. Having done the OTE training camp, which was a great week of long endurance rides, tackling Mallorca’s infamous climbs, I felt good over the 12 significant burgs of Flanders.”

Flanders Feeding 

“I got my nutrition right at Flanders after practicing on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca. I also went in with a better nutrition plan than normal, having learnt how important nutrition is during camp.” 

Matt Watts on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca
Matt tackling the Mallorcan climbs

Good Legs

“I also got stronger as the event went on due to new-found endurance after the training camp. The relief after the last cobbled climb of the Paterburg was great, then I went into time trial mode for the final 10km on the flat to the finish line.” 

“I never felt the distance was an issue and the legs felt really good for the whole ride. Riding 40kmph for the last 10km and overtaking so many people wouldn’t have been possible without the OTE Training Camp.”

Building Base

“Riding day after day, well over 100km most days, really helped raise my fitness from a mediocre winter base to something which allowed me to tackle a challenging ride with confidence. ”


“Since Flanders I’ve gone on to start road racing locally. I also completed the Tour of Cambridge Gran Fondo and of course I couldn’t miss Struggle Dales.”

“Being able to ride for a week consistently on the OTE Training Camp, and pushing yourself, just means you come in to the cycling season as a fitter and stronger all-rounder.”

Matt Watts on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca
Matt completing Struggle Dales 108 mile sportive

Why Book?

“Definitely, the friendly approach of Victoria, Matt and the Ride Leaders leads to a really good atmosphere on camp. There are three groups to choose from, so length and speed of rides available caters for most people. Not to mention the food at the hotel, I don’t think I had less than four courses most days whether that was Breakfast or Dinner!”

The 2019 OTE Training Camp takes place on 22nd-29th March. Find out more about the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca and  book your place.