Christina Wiejak: Off-Road Champ to Rising Roadie

After a prestigious win at the 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race, Christina looks for a confidence boost to get her racing on the road. Find out how she fares after a week of fast-paced group riding with experienced racing cyclists on the OTE Training Camp.

“I came on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca because I wanted to ride with a group of people who would push me, in order to improve my fitness. I also wanted to ride some different routes, as I knew having an expert Ride Leader would offer greater variation than previous training trips.” 

Feeling the Push

“The best thing about the OTE Training Camp is the riding, the place and the people! I ate my body weight in porridge every morning without feeling guilty.  I found that I slotted into my riding group perfectly, with other riders to chase on the climbs, and push me on the flats. I was also awarded ‘Rider of the Week’ in the Training Camp awards, which topped it off nicely.

Finding Form

“I felt great after the camp. I didn’t expect to gain a huge amount of fitness from one week of riding, but I believe the solid miles set me up really well for the season. I gained a lot of confidence in my form, as well as my group riding and positioning. 

Christina Wiejak on the one training camp in Mallorca
Victorious Christina racing clear of the field in her first ever road race.

Needing a Boost

“I had an idea I wanted to dabble in a bit of road racing, but I hadn’t taken the plunge – with my only previous racing being some Cyclocross. Everyone gave me a lot of encouragement and advice that boosted by confidence to get racing. So when I got home I got stuck in. I still continue to receive huge amounts of advice from everybody, which has been instrumental in getting me racing. 

First Race – First Win

“I entered – and won – my first road race. Six weeks – and a handful more races later – I raced the National Road Race Champs, finishing in the top half. I have competed in two National Series races and succeeded in regular criterium races and iconic town centre races. I have also enjoyed local time trials – achieving wins and course records. If I hadn’t gone on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca, I’m not sure I’d have ever raced at all.” 

Christina Wiejak on the one training camp in Mallorca
Christina Wiejak cresting the mountain summit on our Queen Stage of the OTE training camp in Mallorca

Why Book?

“You will have a week without having to think about anything other than your riding, as everything has been taken care of. You will be in a group of similar standard riders, taking in the best of Mallorca, including great coffee stops. Aside from the riding, the social side is great as you unwind in the evenings with like-minded people. I certainly hope to be going again in 2019!”

The 2019 OTE Training Camp takes place on 22nd-29th March. Find out more about the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca and  book your place.