A Postcard from Mallorca: Andrew Kitchen

Ultra-runner Andrew came down from the fells and transferred his fitness to the road in the hunt to satisfy his hunger for a challenge. Find out how the OTE Training Camp helped Andrew go from rookie cyclist to classy roadman in a week…

Ticking over

Following 25 years of running in various guises (road, fells, ultra-marathons) I took up cycling. I soon caught the cycling bug, but lacked any real goals. In 2016 I was just ‘ticking along’ – doing enough to keep fit. 2017 would probably have been much the same if my friend Bob hadn’t suggested we go on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca.

Pre-training Camp Training!

The OTE Training Camp was a goal in itself. I trained well over the winter, getting plenty of long rides in, to ensure I was fit enough for the camp in March. The challenge of the camp gave me the motivation and focus I needed over the winter. Although a week of structured training in Mallorca sounded great, was I fit enough to go the distance.

Listen and Learn

I listened to the advice from the ride leaders and ride support staff. I learned how to ride in a group efficiently and conserve my energy to get from A to B in good time. I began to understand the importance of nutrition and how to fuel my rides and recover well so I could ride for seven consecutive days.

My confidence grew each day and before long I was riding on the front of the group taking my turn and pedalling confidently – handlebar to handlebar with the ride leader. There is an awards night at dinner on the last night and I was really pleased to receive the award for most-improved rider.

Recovery Week

Following the advice to recover properly post-camp, I enjoyed a week off the bike after the heavy training load of the camp. I felt much stronger and my performance had noticeably increased. I was looking forward to tackling my main goal for the year; The Struggle which is 108 miles over some of the hardest climbs in the Yorkshire Dales. On the back of the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca my fitness progressed very well until one week before the Struggle. Sadly illness stopped me before I reached the start line.

I’d definitely recommend the camp. It offers a great block of training with a very friendly group of cyclists. The organisation and leadership is excellent. Although I didn’t manage The Struggle, I’m just pleased to be back on my bike and recovering some of that fitness I gained on the OTE Training Camp.

Join our OTE Training Camp 2018. Find out more at www.otetrainingcamp.com

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