A Postcard from Mallorca: Alex Hutchinson

As a junior bike racer, Alex was struggling to regain fitness following his exams. Alex joined us on our OTE Training Camp in Mallorca to find his form in the lead-up to the 2017 racing season. Find out how he got on…

Alex on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca


I’ve only been cycling for five years but wanted to give racing a go. I did my first season as a first-year junior but due to exams I didn’t manage much racing as a second-year junior. Once exams were out of the way I decided to commit to my racing and to kick-start this I went on the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca.

My goal for the 2017 season was to gain my 2nd cat licence. Having a goal like this in the back of my mind throughout the OTE Training Camp really helped to motivate me to get the most out of the camp, such as really pushing myself up the climbs in Mallorca.

Training-camp Rookie 

I’ve always understood the benefits of a solid week of training but work, home-life, social-life and of course the weather always get in our way back home. I’ve never had the opportunity to go on a training camp abroad, so when I spotted the OTE Training camp in Mallorca I signed up. Before we went I personally thought I couldn’t manage the huge task of riding day in day out.

2017 OTE Training Camp in Mallorca

Learning the ropes

The first thing I learnt on the camp is that recovery and rest is key. Luckily we were staying in a fantastic hotel with a spa, massage therapist and awesome evening meals. I took heed from the advice in the welcome pack and eased myself into the camp, with the intensity and mileage ramping up throughout the week. I also learnt a lot about pacing, especially on the climbs in Mallorca.  I surprised myself each day as my fitness progressed.

Making Mates 

The camp is also a holiday and we were there to have fun. There was a fantastic sense of camaraderie among the groups, with people working as a team, challenging each other and supporting riders who may have been struggling at points in the day. Even between the different group, friendships grew over the communal dinner table.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved every minute of it. I have gained some new friendships from the camp. I now meet up with some of the other riders from the camp who are local to me and go for training rides regularly. I would highly recommend the OTE Training Camp in Mallorca as I had a fab time in warm weather. The OTE training camp was perfect early-season training and a great holiday to boot.

Alex racing after OTE Training Camp in Mallorca

Back to the Start line 

My fitness improved massively. The camp gave me a great base and mileage, which is hard to achieve back in the UK. I am now able to ride for longer and more regularly without tiring as much.

Although I’ve suffered from a few crashes in different races, I am still around halfway towards my 2nd cat license, with plenty of racing still to come. Watch this space and give me a cheer. Hopefully I will achieve my goals by the end of the year.

Follow Alex’s progress on Instagram at @alexhutchinson98Join our OTE Training Camp 2018. Find out more at www.otetrainingcamp.com

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