The OTE training camp is an opportunity to get fit for the racing season, get miles in the legs on the lead up to a sportive or endurance event,  or simply catch some sun and enjoy the social side of our training camp in Mallorca.


It will be easy to clock up 500 miles on our training camp in Mallorca. The purpose of a training camp is training overload; a solid block of riding each day. Whether you’re racing, have an upcoming endurance event or just want to get fitter, being away in the paradise island for cycling without work or family life distraction will allow you the time to get the miles in and build a solid base for the summer ahead.


The Mallorcan mountains are a stunning setting to challenge your capabilities. You’ll have the opportunities to smash some efforts on long, sinuous climbs unlike anything the UK has to offer.


Cycling for a week among your ride leaders and other experienced cyclists, you’ll return home as a confident bike rider. You’ll learn how to preserve your energy, where to ride in a group, how to ride in the wind, how to work as a team, the art of pacing yourself, nutrition tips, recovery techniques and much more. Cyclists unfamiliar with group riding will return home 100% confident of riding wheel to wheel with fellow cyclists and rotating around the peloton safely.

*Please be aware we cannot cater for all abilities. The camp is not designed for beginner cyclists and you must have a basic level of bike handling skills and fitness in order to complete the rides each day. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team.


On our training camp in Mallorca recovery is paramount to the success of your week. Without the distractions of normal life, you can live like a pro for the week by sleeping, eating, riding and repeating.

Race Simulation

It’s natural to get competitive while out on the bike. Groups one and two will enjoy informal challenges on the bike including through-and-off, sprints, a fast run-in and a KOM at the top of a climb.


We pride ourselves in running an extremely sociable training camp because ultimately we understand it is your holiday. All riders enjoy mealtimes together, organised activities or a casual drink at the bar. What makes our camp unique is the sense of camaraderie between all the riders which spreads across all groups to make a fully inclusive training camp.

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