Our training camp in Mallorca caters for CYCLING club MEMBERS, SPORTIVE RIDERS, endurance CYCLISTS, TIME TRIALISTS, triathletes and bike racerS.

The training camp is split into three ability groups to ensure optimal enjoyment from each day in the saddle and guarantee all riders get the most out of their week in Mallorca.

Training Camp Groups

Group 3: Group 3 is great for progressive cyclists looking to push themselves to cover longer distances while improving efficient group riding, pacing, descending and fuelling. Group 3 riders should be capable of riding at 15-16mph in a group and have a confident level of skill.

Group 2a & 2b: Group 2 is for fit cyclists who are looking to build on their fitness for upcoming events, push themselves on challenging sections and enjoy efficient group riding. Group 2 is for riders wanting to cover 80-100 miles at a brisk pace and are capable of riding in a group at 17-18mph.

Group 1: Group 1 is for competitive cyclists looking to build a solid base fitness in the lead up to the summer season while also stimulating race efforts. This group is for cyclists capable of riding in a group at 19-20+mph.

All riders have the opportunity to move up or down the groups each day depending on if they want to challenge themselves or fancy a steadier ride. Riders can also move groups at the lunch stops most days.

Our group structure means our training camp in Mallorca is a great opportunity for friends or couples of mixed ability to enjoy a cycling holiday in Mallorca together.

Riding as a group

On our training camp in Mallorca we ride in close-knit groups two abreast, where safe to do so, in order to cover the miles at a brisk and enjoyable pace.

All riders can tackle the climbs at their individual pace before regrouping at the top. No one is dropped or left behind.

Groups 1 and 2 will also enjoy some fast group riding including through-and-off and challenges towards the latter part of the ride or before lunch.

If you’re unfamiliar with group riding you will be taught everything you need to know in the first day of the camp. However you must have a confident level of cycling skills and bike handling.

Every rider is different and will feel different from one day to the next. You may be feeling strong on the days a fellow group member is struggling – and vise versa. Cycling is a team sport. Be prepared to work like a team.

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