Meet Antony: Mallorca training camp group one ride leader

Experienced Mallorca cycling guide and our group one ride leader Antony Stapleton explains his ideal day in the saddle and tells us why you can take a lot more home from a training camp in Mallorca than just a stronger pair of legs…

Mallorca training camp ride leader Anthony Stapleton

My favourite ride in Mallorca is Centre/South of the Island away from the ‘honeypots’ of the northern mountain chain.

It would consist of a long morning in the saddle, a relaxing stop, then a brisk run home with a bit of a ‘tear up’ at the end of the ride. These days normally come in the latter half of a training camp in Mallorca. By this stage the group will be riding like a well-oiled machine.

Don’t worry about ticking the boxes of the rides and climbs all the cycling magazines suggest. 

They will just take you to a handful of honeypots, where all the other cyclists will be too. Many of the best rides, and the best days out are far from these places, and will really open your eyes as to what cycling in Mallorca is all about. If you’re on a training camp in Mallorca, then let the organisers and ride leaders do their stuff and show you a good time.

Aim to return from your training camp in Mallorca a better bike rider, not just a faster one.

Rather than trying to beast yourself for a week, try to also improve your riding knowledge and bike craft too. Think about where to ride in the road, how to echelon, how to tackle the climbs, how to use your gearing, etc. You can take a lot more home than just a stronger pair of legs!

Mallorca training camp ride leader Anthony Stapleton

It’s important to remember why you are visiting the Island.

Keep your year-long goals in sight, rather than thinking about the week as the ‘be all and end all’ of your cycling year. Of course you need to endeavour to have put in some decent rides, be used to some long hours in the saddle and be confident of riding in a group. You don’t however want to be working so hard before you go that you end up arriving exhausted, or even worse, ill!

I first visited Mallorca on a bike in 1986 when the roads were very different to how they are now!

I started organising a club training camps in Mallorca which grew from five riders to 48 riders. As the years rolled by my knowledge of the Island’s roads grew, as of course did my resume of café stops. I was then approached by a couple of commercial operators and have been guiding training camps in Mallorca ever since.

Mallorca is the premium place for UK riders to train and prepare themselves for a summer of cycling.

No where else comes near and believe me I’ve looked! I rode consistently at a high level for most of the eighties and nineties. I obtained national medals and placings, in particular as a team time triallist. After a short lay off at the end of the nineties, I returned with a view to helping out with the young riders, but once I got rolling I found I hadn’t really slowed down. I’m still going strong, 35 seasons later! With tours, club rides, and all manner of expeditions and adventures taking place, it’s never been just about the racing.

I have clients that ask me to prepare their bikes for them, and other clients that ask me to prepare themselves for their bikes!

I started my business with a view to offering guidance and support to new & existing cyclists. As it’s turned out, spending so much time working in Mallorca means that guiding training camps has become the main focus of my business.

If you’d like to join Anthony and the rest of the team in Mallorca next year, book your training camp in Mallorca now.


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